Innovation and independence

Efficiency and flexibility for tailored solutions

Innovation and independence

Efficiency and flexibility for tailored solutions

Valori Asset Management

Valori Asset Management SA offers investment solutions in the financial market and develops and provides macro analysis and ad hoc analysis of financial instruments to meet specific needs of institutional players. The company is active in asset management advisory and support services. In 2021, it obtained authorization from FINMA to manage collective assets scheme (under Art. 2(1)(c) in conjunction with Art. 5(1) FinIA – Federal Act on Financial Institutions). It focuses on the management of UCITS funds under Luxembourg law.

Our objective

A sophisticated, innovative, and independent service.

Our goal is to create Value through innovative investment solutions to preserve and increase capital through the generation of risk-adjusted performance.

Our expertise

Bond strategies

Drawing on the many years of experience of our analyst teams and portfolio managers, we investigate the financial structure of issuers across the entire bond universe. Through detailed independent analysis we assess the creditworthiness of listed and unlisted companies, interfacing directly with management, and performing stringent regulatory and normative due diligence on prospectuses and covenants of their issues.

High dividend equity strategies

Our disciplined approach to investing in the equity of major listed issuers is based on the implementation of active and conservative investment strategies, with the goal of capital preservation and growth through the generation of risk-adjusted performance. Drawing on the many years of experience of our teams of analysts and portfolio managers, we focus on the selection of companies with high capitalization, high dividends, with potential for dividend growth, and with non-excessive pay-outs, without ever losing sight of the sustainability of dividend payouts over time.

Sustainable investing approach

We devise investment strategies focused on Sustainable Investing that integrate, in an organic manner, a thorough ESG analysis of issuers using the support of both a team of ESG analysts and the most sophisticated ESG analysis tools offered by leading providers. Indeed, we believe that through our investment decisions we actively contribute to the pursuit of not only financial objectives, but also to Environmental, Social and Governance impacts.


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